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Ideas: Level Counter, quick item skip, info about what the enemies do, an undo button, and wait button.


Very unique, has very good music and graphics overall a lovely experience. 

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Really nice and addictive take on the roguelike genre. Simple rules, but lots of emergent fun to be gained from. Made it to Floor 12.

Neat mechanic, that you have to move around to fill up your power-ups again.

Can I do something with the rails?

Nice, I really like the idea, and the music it great!

Really great concept!

if you use the axe on a chest the game freezes

I love this music. Where can I listen to it.

how do you use the items you get



I hate killing the cyclops at the start. Good Game! Also you should make it so you can pass on the items 

It's a really cool concept, but it gets boring after 20 minutes

Nice game. Those beats :3

Those are nice beats

honestly such a cool idea, nice :)


Amazing little game!

Please make a version for android, it's gonna feel so natural with swipe gestures and it's a perfect game for passing time.


Very nice game! You earned a follower!

Make it 2

Amazing game!Greate idea



Amazing and creative game!


Very nice concept and art style is amazing


Very addicting. And smart. Love it!


Appreciate that!

Love the simplicity of this unique idea. Its quite interesting realsing how bad I am at predicting what side of the dice will come next. Makes it quite difficult. LOVE IT!

Thank you!

I found a bug where if you open a chest with the axe the game freezes.

Haha yeah, need to fix that

This is the best game I have played lately on!

Thank you!

this is too good 


whoa this rocks



man y’all should think about porting this to mobile, one of the most fun lil roguelikes ive played in a minute

Thanks, I'll consider it for sure!


using the axe to destroy chests crashes the game lmao

Yes, I need to fix that soon!


This game is remarkably polished for a 48 hour game jam, you could totally publish this a real money costing game on steam with a little more polish. Add some new items, new enemy variants, maybe a boss fight or 2, one other room variant like shops or upgrade center, where you could pick up specific items or get reserve inventory space, and a couple of settings and accessibility features, and I would legitimately pay good money for it. Love this a lot, keep up the good work. 

P.S. you can have those ideas for free.

Awesome, thanks!


This game is fun, play it while doing other stuff to pass time, one thing is the ability to skip the opener when playing repeatedly be great

Thanks. You can always cut him off by well... you know...


I wish I didn't have to kill the cyclops everytime.

So does he...

Fun game!



Incredible that you've done it in such a short amount of time! It has really good graphics


its just pixel art lol


still looks good

Appreciate that :)

the game is good but the graphics are from kenny assets lol

very pleasant game!



I think I can retire, amazing game!


22!! Congrats, that's incredible. I've played a lot over the course of developing and never passed 20, but I knew it was possible someday :)

Very fun! 

Thanks so much!

not working :(

Love the game and the music but could you add an option to mute it? This is something I would love to play while watching videos. 

Thanks, I'll look into that. If you're on chrome I think you can also right click and mute the tab.

Thanks! That works! 

Muy divertido! Muchas gracias!

I liked the game, but bro that beginning has too much text.  You should reveal the tutorial in steps, while you play. I had fun tho.

Yeah, I agree. I would've liked to do that but didn't really have time in a 48h jam. Maybe something to address in a future update!

This is SOOO much fun! I love action puzzle games like this. 

Thank you for all the hard work in making this game

Thanks so much, that's very sweet :)

Nice and cool game


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