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fun game!

i like this :D

Amazing, better than Red Dead Redemption 2.

17 out of 10 - IGN


Decided to return to this game after a year, had a nice run :P

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how to use item

Press space

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when I opened a chest with the axe the game crashed

10/10 would recommend

why doesn't the death wand work on the tutorial guy?


thank you! great fun.


theres a glitch

if you use the axe on a chest it'll crash




I enjoy this game quite a lot. Have you ever considered making your games available for download?


there should be a way to not kill the friend at the beginning :( he's so sweet and i feel bad


i love the sound effects!

this was really fluffing fun.


Congrats on being the 6th best rated Dice game as of this writing! Seems fitting!


The beat hooked me instantly and then the gameplay was excellent too


Found a tiny bug that the game crashes if you use the axe item on a chest.


Well-polished little game :)


The music is very good

But I think there's one little mechanic that needs fixing:

Items can no longer gain power in the Chest,

Otherwise, the blood recovery potion is too strong.

Full marks for this game!

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Ideas: Level Counter, quick item skip, info about what the enemies do, an undo button, and wait button.


Very unique, has very good music and graphics overall a lovely experience. 

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Really nice and addictive take on the roguelike genre. Simple rules, but lots of emergent fun to be gained from. Made it to Floor 12.

Neat mechanic, that you have to move around to fill up your power-ups again.

Can I do something with the rails?

Nice, I really like the idea, and the music it great!

Really great concept!

if you use the axe on a chest the game freezes

I love this music. Where can I listen to it.

how do you use the items you get



I hate killing the cyclops at the start. Good Game! Also you should make it so you can pass on the items 

It's a really cool concept, but it gets boring after 20 minutes

Nice game. Those beats :3

Those are nice beats

honestly such a cool idea, nice :)


Amazing little game!

Please make a version for android, it's gonna feel so natural with swipe gestures and it's a perfect game for passing time.


Very nice game! You earned a follower!

Make it 2

Amazing game!Greate idea



Amazing and creative game!


Very nice concept and art style is amazing


Very addicting. And smart. Love it!


Appreciate that!

Love the simplicity of this unique idea. Its quite interesting realsing how bad I am at predicting what side of the dice will come next. Makes it quite difficult. LOVE IT!

Thank you!

I found a bug where if you open a chest with the axe the game freezes.

Haha yeah, need to fix that

This is the best game I have played lately on!

Thank you!

this is too good 


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