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This is surprisingly addictive! Very fun!!

Thank you!

Nice game with great idea and lo-fi music is so good :)

Appreciate it :)

The game music is *chef's kiss*


Literally meditating to it. Bravo.


It would be great to see this done as an android version.

Good idea!

But pretty nice game!

I kinda found a bug, when there is only a chest and you defeat the chest by using an axe, the game glitches out...

Yeah I need to fix that soon, a few people have mentioned it

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This game is sick. Love the beats too. Lo-fi is the best. Love it!!

Btw, the way the die rolls is accurate! I held up a die to confirm. Great attention to detail!


Haha thanks for noticing that!


Of course! Even the small details should get attention! You did amazing on this game!


i opened this in a separate tab and legitimately got taken aback by the little hiphop beat i had in the background for a solid few minutes. good shit my man


Thanks so much, I'm glad you like the music!


Very cool game ngl!


Nice game with interesting mechanics . Like it!

Thank you!

Very nice game with a great music.



That game is hard at deeper floors...
But great ;D

18 is a really good score, I think it's the highest I got as well!

One day...



Hi. Nice little game here. Played a lot. But when I hit the chest with the axe, the chest open halfway, the game freeze. Maybe a bug? It happen at the second chest.

Ah yeah, that's a bug. Will try to fix it in the future. Thanks for playing!


I've NEVER heard a game use music with this type of hip-hop vibe! Why!? It sounds so good! I love the music! Thank you for this!


Wow, thanks a lot!

Simply FUN!



I got through 6 floors thinking it was based on the side I would be rolling to in order to attack. I was so confused why rolling to a 6 wasn't killing a creature with 2 eyes.


Thanks for letting me know, I was worried that might be confusing

Great design and the music goes so hard. Really well polished!

Thank you!

Very fun and cute game. The music goes hard for absolutely no reason, and I love it. I also found a small bug, if you hit a chest with the Axe, it seems to crash the game. Thanks for making this!

Appreciate it! I'll definitely look into it, thanks a lot for letting me know.

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(EN)It took me an hour to get to level 14:D.This is a refreshing game!The guy from the beginning, he always made me laugh when I killed him.Overall I like this game!!!!!(The translation is not necessarily 100% accurate)

Thank you!!

A great game concept and I love the music!

Wow, thanks so much! Love the video

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Hey, it's a great game!

Wanna distribute it on mobile as well? 

I'm a web-developer interested in mobile, we can talk (not selling my services).

Appreciate it. I'll let you know about that

This is a really neat concept! Loving it so far :)


nice game


So, apparently I opened a chest with the axe and the game freeze, has any one else had the same issue?

I did manage to try it again. The game does freezes.

Another bug, the cyclops seems to be inmune to the poison mushroom

Thanks for pointing these out! Not sure why the game is freezing, I haven't heard of anyone with that issue yet

Awesome Game!

Thank you!

Very fun game. Keep it up!

Thank you! Love the video!

Cool game! 👍😀

Appreciate it!

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Very cute, love the compact puzzley feel. Nice work! My idea for a Hard Mode: don't show the dice previews on the floor around the player. I think I would enjoy needing to memorize the pattern


Thanks Corey! Awesome to get a comment from you - Mosaic was a big inspiration when making this. I like that idea, it would bring a lot of challenge since the orientation of the die is constantly changing.

I wish we could see the hit points of the enemies.

The enemies will all die in one hit! The trick is that the number of dots showing on the die has to be more than the number of eyes of the enemy. Otherwise the enemy will block your attack. Hope that helps!

It does, thanks!

A cool concept (and good game) that can be used for games of different "settings". Your game inspired me to make my own implementation, thanks!

Awesome, thank you!


Such a cool game! Really clever implementation of the theme, and made with Godot <3

Appreciate it! Godot is the best.


couldn't bring myself past the tutorial.  cyclops fren

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😭😭😭 may he rest in peace


far as I'm concerned he's still chillin out in the dungeon with dice fren

Very nice! It feels like getting to later floors is highly dependent on luck, but it's very compelling.

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Thank you. Definitely a bit of luck involved - I did what I could in 48h but it's hard to balance a game in that time. Small updates coming soon that will hopefully improve the balance a bit!

oh, everything is so smooth! delightful

Thank you!


need a wait move

Using an item works like a wait move :)

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ik but using item used the item, and i don't want waste them(you know, sometime you have to wait the monster move 1 block so you can attack them)

maybe that is the part of the game, but its looks dumb so idk

really nice, very charming!

Thank you!

The gameplay is just amazing!



Love the simplicity and style of this game! I feel awful every time I kill the NPC LOL

TY! Me too,  haha

nice gameplay! 13 floors :D

Nice, great job!

Pretty fun! Great idea with the amount of eyes :D

Thanks :)

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