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I love that unlike your another game that you've made this uses wasd because it gives it a much more difficult feel, keep up the good work!




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hhehe :>

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25 !


Really like the dynamic of having to balance between being away from enemies where the pattern is simpler to read and being close to them to tag as many pellets as possible. And modifications add to this balancing dilemma by introducing more things to think about while in the slow-mo. This game is simple, sweet and fun. Amazing job

p.s. i hate wavy so much I lost my run to it so many times aaaaaa

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i got 19, what a fun (yet difficult) game!

not a great score, but 18

Such a fun and good loocking game! Great job


Very cool little game, I got 60 first try woohoo!


score 23

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good concept! i would like to have a sound for the bar when its charging. i did to 33

This game is simple but fun, and I really like it. Keep up the good work!

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really fun little game!

I found I was constantly taking damage right after the slow mo but that is probably me being bad at the game...

my high score was 15 but I had a lot of tries before and after that which for some reason all ended at 9 points...

and it was actually way more intuitive than what the comments originally made me believe

Score: 052, died at wavy ;-;

Took me a minute to realize how enemies actually died cause I kept dodging everything but I figured it out eventually 


Touhou  but good

I have better chances of killing Sans the skeleton (THE hardest boss in Undertail) than getting a higher score than 2.

Yes, I know, I'm crud at bullet hells.

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bro wtf

Amazing game, From Uruguay ( lv19


74 >:) beat that. ps: i found a way to grind inf lives

18 😎


harder than dark souls 100%


this game is harder than it looks, my highscore is 12 btw

this is genuinely really fun please develop this further

I was on 88

Nice! Very interesting concept!

Cause I just do this at work, 

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my current record

i got 52 lol

i got 20 :)

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great game!! interesting idea! 10/10 though I didn't understand that you could touch the bullets when time is slow. I simply dodged them, and stayed with 2 enemies. You should make it so that the hearts only come when you kill enemies, because you can farm hearts with 2 enemies.

47, also good game

9/10 It's good :)


really unique concept!

good concept for a game, it was very fun to go through waves of enemies and get hit with different modifiers!


how do i shoot

walk into the bullets while in slow motion

Great game!

No idea how my highest score is 55 but, very good game :D


this game is  fun! i got 26 

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