dodge in real-time, then tag bullets in slow-mo to shoot them back!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(116 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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it's  a perfect game to play with music 10/10 perfect game

les go

Very cool little game! Got 23

Хорошая задумка, мой рекорд 11(

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got to 70 while vibing to my musico 70

28 damn

first try, got 23. my years of playing binding of Isaac have paid off.


without playing binding of isaac i got 33

I got 21

I got a score of 50 👍

I am not a gamer enough to beat my score of 11. what am I now :(

i have 11 too ):

me 3

ver gud


High Score: 66




Simple yet fun! Well Done!

Hi, friend! I beat all your games. but I have a doubt as to how you achieve that type of pixelart, that is, the movements. It is generated by the engine or you create the assets like this. That is to say, when there is movement, it does not seem that it was images but rather the pixels moving. How can I achieve that in Unity?


I changed the screen resolution of the game to achieve that effect.

Awesome game. Some bullets are op tho. Highscore : 29


Fun game!

a great concept! i wanted to be easier to see what are bullets and what are enemies (or maybe a button to activate slo-mo), but it's really fun as is!


i was sitting there dodging the pellets forever until I realized I could attack with them 

i only made 12...


Damn. You've really mastered minimalistic games lol. I think either this or drifter is my favourite of your games


based Bad Piggy

fr tho

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nice game

nice developer

good visuals

a bit tough to differentiate between enemy and bullet in a swarm, but not too bad. 

the bullet and time freeze mechanic makes an excellent contrast between dodging and running into bullet swarms intentionally, for it is your only form of attack and earning points.


i just recently discovered your games and immediately became a big fan of your the style of your games 


This is a great game! Nice time freeze feature.

Though I was wondering what game engine did you use for this?

Excellent style as usual and fun idea!


born too late to explore earth, born too early  to explore space, born just in time to binge-play all of your games on



holy crap lol


Fun game. I think it would be helpful if the bullets + mobs were different colors to help during the tagging phase 

super fun idea, kinda messes with your head

really dig the style and feel of the game, nice job!

Super fun game. Keep up the good work

Quite an interesting idea. Feels charming.

Really love this! Personally I would love it to be in control of that special ability. being able to reuse it quicker but lasting shorter, or saving it up until there is a nice opportunity. But this is also quite charming 😃

cool short game! not as chaotic as some of the others but still cool!


I loved this so much

Very nice, love the idea :)

I really liked this! super simple but satisfying visuals

Again, really cool concept and nicely executed :

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