click to abduct humans (for research, of course).

Published 15 days ago
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Clicker, Cute, Idle, Incremental, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hey, this is a fantastic concept! Doy ou plan to keep working on it?


it's a very fun idea, well done!

incredible - love it!

This is so amazing! But it is also ridiculously loud!

realy cool, i like the estetic :)

So creative, love it!


humans: *minding their own business with poorly made but cute ai*
aliens: no


Nice, polished and and very funny ! GG !

Very cute, I love the art and music! The idea is very original, to boot.

Nice job, very creative 👍🏻

Very fun idea and really cute art! I liked the background music but felt like the game lacks sound effects. Great game overall!



how do you turn off the music?


You made a typo. You must have been asking how to turn the music up. You turn up your music by turning up the volume.


Interesting concept. Short but enjoyable.

Wow, I haven't come nearly that close. What was your strategy?

Buying only one of each. New people comes from the edges, so I only click along the edges - letting the things I've purchased handle the center. Click. Click a lot. (and possibly mute the audio from the tab, the noise gets to you quickly if you click all the time.)

I did a less frantic play-through first though, where I purchased multiple of each. That was more laid back and honestly more enjoyable with some music in the background, but it got me thinking if I could nail down a better time if only i tried.


very original, i like it

Was a decent game. The incremental progress felt a little slow and required a lot of clicking. Some better automation would have been nice. But for a game jam submission, I had fun playing it .

Literally the exact same time

Haha, cool!

very original concept and fun to play