click to abduct humans (for research, of course).

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(75 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Clicker, Cute, Idle, Incremental, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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time: 18:22

I like how they just complete the research and leave. P cool!

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yippee ( 8:24 )


10 click challenge, you only have 10 clicks and if you run out, you can't click anymore and have to depend on the assets you have, its true rng by then.


Every now and then I come back to this game and leave it running in the background just because of how satisfactory it looks and how well it works as a screensaver. I love this and I'm sure it will inspire me sometime in the future, if it hasn't already <3


the sounds are so annoying, it makes the game unplayable, sorry, it looks great aswell


could just mute audio

i cant



Really fun game with some really nice music as well. 68:47


This was a lot of fun, great job.  I was actually sad to see the "You Win" Screen I wanted to keep going


there's a you win screen?

Interesting title and colours for the gaming-page on itch, in green & white with black font

Screenshots in the comments sounding cool in gameplay too, yet loads with just an error ...but maybe it can be fixed, in case of other players noticing the same line in aseprite or godot?


180:06 ( proof ) 


is there a way to listen to the music?


I guess we're posting our times so I got 13:35 :]

theres no save :/

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Man the humans are dumb


thats the alien




12:10. love this game. played it 3 times in a row. will never play it again.

Very funny concept hahaha I liked it a lot.


i will abduct the entire human race. i'm only around 51/160000 of the way there, but i have literally all day plus tomorrow.


changed my mind. i'm only at 1mil so far. i'm just gonna end it when i get to 2mil.


12:25 :)

Good Game!


16:34 min. fun

Juicy clicker.

Good game 

fun game



8:17  :)

completed it in 9' great game btw

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very good game i completed in 10:59 minutes


love your games

great game, got 15 min

love the style, got 24 minutes

me too


fastest I got was 5:58

20:28 for my first run. What about you guys?

12:22 was mine

Deleted 103 days ago

the laser is satifying

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