Fight waves of squares. For each upgrade you get, your enemies get one too: it's only fair!

Made for GitHub Game Off 2022, based on the clich茅 Fair and Square.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(100 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Twin Stick Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Okay. Sniper + SMG + Triple Shot is absolutely nutty haha

Didn't expect to beat this with basically just the sniper upgrade and a bunch of health, but here we are lol.


double shot, shotgun, triple shot, well rounded, huge shots = Literally kills the whole map instantly 馃槀

perfectly balanced, as all things should be

amazing gam

yes amazing gam

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Good game

i ended up one shoting everything

All is Square in Love and war... wait a minute you can stand on the top of the screen for the final boss and dodge all bullets, THATS NOT FAIR I CAN EASILY BEAT FINAL BOSS BRUH.

Wow! This is more fun than I expected! Keep up the amazing work man!

easy win is shotgun+sniper+pierce (took out the final boss in 5 hits)

i did in 1

Great game, but a little easy. I'd love to see a post-jam version!

sniper + shotgun + smg + 2 shots + speedy + big shots + the one that gives more hp
that was my loadout and i shredded everything

i got double shot, then shotgun, then died immediately

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shotgun, twin shot, big shot, then huge for 2 of the enemies

I always am thrilled by how fun such simple little games like this can be with simple polish.  The particles feel super fun. I love how powerful the bullets feel. Easy to understand, easy to play.

this is not fair and square

its a really good game but it has some interesting combos to say the least like big shots + sniper +piercing + triplet shot and i finished the game first try ...

I finally finished it. It was pretty interesting.

Somehow a similar error (response.body is undefined) showed up, like earlier ...but the thumbnail sounded interesting to try what's about the squares in-game & how to interact, etc.

last boss can be cheesed so easy if you have tiny, just sit in the top right corner lolololol


nice, but an hp bar for bosses would be epic

i picked up the shotgun, it's so juicy i love it.

so fun

Nearly died but still won 1st try and got all powerup things

i won first try, and the game is awesome.


cool game!


I beat the game on the first try. I don't mean to be rude.

I died on purpose after I killed the final boss...



shot guns big shots and triple shots makes it so your bullets are now waves of attackes


Yeah i got triple shot, twin shot, shotgun, piercing bullets, sniper, and big bullets


i got a broken build first try
sniper, shotgun, triple shot, piercing (i also had speedy but thats not important to the build)

only downside is the long reload times.  But you have all the time to reload when everything is dead!

i beat first try (cause i got sniper,speedy,tanky,DOUBLE SHOT,SHOTGUN) yeah i got too op lol

finally beat the game! vamp works great in the final boss. amazing game!


does anyone think that the green boss is just a deadly box or something? It doesn't roar and attack instantly, but rather just sits there until you shoot it.


love the style of the game and the animations

good, the second boss isn't too hard?


Very addictive game. I have played it several times now. I love the simple concept and graphics :-)


Just finished a run getting everything. Epical game.

For the green boss  you can just camp in the corner and win easily.


You can do that with the purple one too, it's much less likely to get hit, but still more likely than the green boss.

I'm laughing because at the end I thought that the square was my parent

Also, if you have Tiny, you can technically camp in the corner, and I think that's unintended


true being tiny in a corner is like waiting for the dvd logo to hit the corner the enemies wont find you


unless you have the one that makes them target yo

As a lefty the control setup makes it hard to move and shoot at the same time. Can you add an option to switch movement to the arrow keys?

shotgun and sniper and triple shot =crazy


I just got that

you can get 2 shotguns lol

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