dodge waves of enemies with your mouse, then grab the blue power-up for a slashing counterattack!

(fullscreen recommended)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
TagsBullet Hell, minigames, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Slasher
Average sessionA few seconds


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there is a bug where you get hurt by things you cant see, even after diying and before starting

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good, only 4 upgrades

Very fun game as always. I wonder how do you make simple shapes looking nice


There's a glitch where slashes and upgrade autocollect and the exclamation mark fills up the whole screen

Yeah I'm getting this glitch after level 17

Love this game, wish there was a longer safeframe after wildly swinging around killing things


After getting a taste of the candy you can't go back.

theres a glitch where i just constantly take damage without touching any enemies, help?

same  thing is happening to me

Such a good Idea!


Awesome game. Do you have like a process when designing games. :3

fr i would love to know!

all of them are so unique


For a game with "slash" in the name, slashing sure becomes optional with poison and shuriken upgrades haha. All jokes aside, solid game


I enjoyed the game. was able to go over 20 waves

Just checking out your other games after playing Driftr, this one is really good as well! You've got some nice mechanics going on here.

Great game, cool mechanics, also do you take any suggestions?

Hey there, this is a great game! 
Do you have an email for business inquiries? 

Appreciate it! Sure, you can reach me here:

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make game is not web xD 
Game is great, i love so much, ty for work. How do you make Graphics?

Thanks :) The item icons are by Poloviiinkin. Everything else is drawn by me in Aseprite.


Great game! Thanks for making it. :)
It would be interesting to have another type of enemy for later game (with more health?) or something to make it harder, as once you get 3+ shurikens and insta-kill from poison the challenge of playing is gone.

Thank you! That's a great idea