dodge waves of enemies with your mouse, then grab the blue power-up for a slashing counterattack!

(fullscreen recommended)

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(98 total ratings)
TagsBullet Hell, minigames, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Slasher
Average sessionA few seconds


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Addictive game, but it starts to break past 20th wave: collision check is not right, exclamation mark becomes too large

happened after 11/12 for me

good game, would be better if the character was a white dot, and the background was just black/a dark gray. sometimes the background is so visually demanding i cant focus on what's going on with everything else. or maybe i just suck idk man


I'd love to mod this game, if you're interested


somehow i managed to break the game into getting killed on the ready screen


this is what that looks like

It is like undertale, but not 15 bucks.

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What a great game (the game breaks after you get passed 23)


i got to like level 17 (more or less i don't remember) and it broke but it is a cool game


hard on trackpad <:(


game broke, theres a ghost :


top game


this is a mouse-induced bullet hell game

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now we want to make something like this, thanks for the inspiration!!

too laggy on my computer

so cool

This game is very fun and challenging, I love the custom power-ups and the simple pixel-y art style! Very fun, 7.8/10!


Round 20 got bored died. I wanna mod this game... more enemies, more things. For example: Slash deals more damage, slash is longer, shuriken bounce/pierce, money to buy upgrades cuz 1/wave is kinda cheaty i think (or too hard ;=;)


round 30 got bored


got to round 27 


Round 12

Yoyoyo this game has me addicted. I think it would be awesome if you added a few more powerups and some different types of enemies and obstacles. 


Why am I taking damage on the start screen

kinda sorta maybe broke the game, i got poison to the point where it instakilled, then got a bunch of shurikens, then the enemy spawn warnings started bugging out, them when choosing items, it gave me all 3 of them.

sometimes enemies just go invisible and even persist through deaths

My best: 5


it gud


If you choose a lot of candy, then when you enter the invincible time, you can block the place where the enemy is generated, you can generate damage at a high speed and you can extend the time many times

I really liked the concept very much and the art style (which was pixellated shapes) is simple but appealing. I think you should add more upgrades, but all in all Well Done!

Flashing exclamation point friend got me jumpscared at 2 am in the morning, 10 out of 10 would burn eyes again

there is a bug where you get hurt by things you cant see, even after diying and before starting

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good, only 4 upgrades

Very fun game as always. I wonder how do you make simple shapes looking nice


There's a glitch where slashes and upgrade autocollect and the exclamation mark fills up the whole screen

Yeah I'm getting this glitch after level 17


Love this game, wish there was a longer safeframe after wildly swinging around killing things


After getting a taste of the candy you can't go back.

theres a glitch where i just constantly take damage without touching any enemies, help?

same  thing is happening to me

Such a good Idea!


Awesome game. Do you have like a process when designing games. :3


fr i would love to know!

all of them are so unique


For a game with "slash" in the name, slashing sure becomes optional with poison and shuriken upgrades haha. All jokes aside, solid game


I enjoyed the game. was able to go over 20 waves

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