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would love to see more content, but great game

Nice game but you can pretty much play forever after getting energized

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Is this built off of SNKRX? They share a lot of visual similarities!

Still a cool little game regardless, but I just wanted to ask out of curiosity.


Just get 3-4 freezes or some other free cards and cycle infinite Freezes and you win

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Pretty hard, but very cool. Only made it to level 5 9 5.

pretty cool game

good game


Found a totally broken combo, got to level 54 before getting bored and letting myself die. Here it is:

freeze + next shots bounce + 9 bullet shot + powerup: bouncing bullets pierce

9 piercing bullets that also bounce back to piece multiple times just completely shreds entire screens of enemies, freeze lets you cycle through your cards for free and gives you loads of time to find the right card, and the "next shots bounce" card is also free so you can have many of them and just burn them until you get to your 9 shot card.

Feel like it's a bug/oversight that "next card bullets bounce" is a free card, since the "next card bullets pierce" is a 1 cost card. 

My combo would probably still work since the freezes give you time to regen your energy, but occasionally the combo would become weak because of the forced card swaps and it might be enough to get unlucky and die

I had exactyl the same strategy!
Double freeze, double 9 bullets, double next attack bounces, with special ability that makes bouncing bullets pierce.
I only made it to lv 26 though, I got hit thrice because I froze just a tiny bit too late.

I'm really surprised someone came up with the exact same combo.


Yeah it's a pretty insane combo, it seems fairly obviously powerful so I'm not too surprised we both found it. Bouncing+pierce is just insane and the 9 bullet costs the same as the 5 bullet so it's just a straight upgrade when you get it


energized, pierce and 9 bullet shot with the 4 card choices means that the combo works indefinitely and no matter how unlucky you are, the combo doesnt break

Yeah I never took the locked cards before so I didn't see the energise, but I did have a run with that later where I could literally just spam 1234 without even looking at the screen and never lose, but it also included freezes so it would just stack freeze until the game wasn't moving for like 60 seconds at a time

freeze makes it worse since you dont get level ups

You can eventually, you just need to wait way longer. Replace freezes with more energise cards and it would be best. Like 3 energise, a couple 9 bullet cards, bounce next etc. would be infinite murder

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There needs to be instructions or something, I have no idea why cards sometimes have a cooldown, what the orange dots mean etc.

Also I guess it's a deckbuilding game but that's not communicated very well, I don't know how many cards I have in my deck

The orange number in the bottom is your mana, orange dots are mana cost. Cooldown happens when you don’t have enough mana.

you can freeze the enemies indefinitely with like 2 freeze cards and good cycling from low cost.  game becomes autopilot with 3 freeze, bouncing, and refresh

I made it to lvl 14 (I used the random energy costs perk)

I really love this , it has the potential of a bomb!

Good! My record is lvl 4

dagnabbit - I can't get enough.  Elegant.  And pixely.  

love your games man im currently learning godot my self would love to see the code

I would like to move please

you domnt

:((((( sad


got bored on lvl 54, after like lvl 20 the does not gets harder, please add more stronger enemies to the endgame, awsame game anyways

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Lol I actually got bored and let myself die on exactly level 54 as well. What was your combo?

Simply made, great game. I love the way creatures move :)

Got to level 13. Very coolI

I found that if you have "Free Refill" "Piercing Bullets" "Bouncing bullets" "Shoots 9 bullets x times"  you can spam them and noone is getting past

I played many times and got to level 54 on one run (before getting bored), I never ever saw the free energy refill card. Did it get removed?

Still there as "refill energy to full". Just had an absolutely busted run with [randomize card cost] & [regen health] perks, and [refill energy to full], [shoot for each time played], [shoot 6 bouncing bullets] for filler, and mostly free-cost cards from the first perk. Got bored of the build at lvl35 after the last dozen waves were handled with QWER spamming & waving the mouse every now and then.

I like the concept, and it is a very fun game, but i feel like it should be more deck building AND card collecting. That'll add a new element to the game to make it more engaging. People will then be looking for the good cards, or the cards that make their deck work faster. Keep up the great work, this game has great potential!

there is a glitch you will need to patch when pressing reload it can bring you back to life but with no character and health.

The game concept is so good, nice work 

very clever concept i enjoyed it 

Freeze is absolutely busted. If you get it and enough other free cards, you can loop between those cards and stall the enemies indefinitely. You can even have a one energy cost card in there and still always be able to continue the loop.

i got 4 freeze in one run and only died because i needed to change cards

got to lv 25

But then you don't progress in the game. The goal of the game is to get to a high level, pausing the game doesn't make you win.

There are definitely broken combos though, and freeze is way too powerful. I don't think there should be any free cards in this game, being able to cycle cards for free is way too powerful. Most deckbuilding games have other ways to limit this like being turn-based, but even then they almost never make cards free.



Very similar to SNKRX/sokpop games

Some bullets/passives are just game breaking, btw cool mini game!

the moment you get refill energy its almost impossible to lose

Very unique and well executed concept :)

Hi, friend! I beat all your games. but I have a doubt as to how you achieve that type of pixelart, that is, the movements. It is generated by the engine or you create the assets like this. That is to say, when there is movement, it does not seem that it was images but rather the pixels moving. How can I achieve that in Unity?

If I would make my best educated guess (I also use Godot), the game itself is rendered at a really low resolution (let's say 200x200) and then it is upscaled by nearest neighbor. The sprites in the game are probably smooth and round, but the low resolution makes it into pixel art. (So to do this in unity you would have to have a really low render resolution in some way)

And then most likely some shaders to make the pixel drop shadows.

I am impressed by the sound effects. Who made them?

Such a lovely game, tysm for making it! One point of feedback I'd like to share that having lots of enemies in love makes it very hard to tell how many actually hostile enemies are in the field. Maybe instead of the fiery particle effect, enemies in love could have their base colour changed to... pink, maybe?

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It gets boring after about level 50 or so. If you made it that far, you probably have a deck that will last forever! Amazing game though, love it!

I keep coming back to the game after a week even though I've reached lvl 40+ several times already
the loop works so well, it's a pleasure to drop a card and hear the feedback of several enemies going down!


if there's somewhere else to put bug reports i'd be happy to repost this there but i encountered a glitch where my hp depletes and i just don't die. i'm unsure what might have caused it but it could have been that i died and reached a new level at the same time. i'm able to play cards but can't reach the next level. very strange i love your games btw

same thing here

Very fun to play this game. Also very creative the mechanics

Very good game, excited for the updates. A fersure purchase in the future

This game is a real nice surprise, efficient, quick, straight to the point !

fun twist to deckbuilding mechanics!
well done!


I love this game so much! I optimized a hand that gave me an infinite loop. Eventually, I had to just stop, but I got to level 72!

Damn I stopped at level 54, but I thought for sure I was at level 100+, I was probably already bored by level 25 or something, you have some real patience. I kept hoping for more emoji powerup screens but I only got like 3 or 4 in 54 levels.

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