craft the perfect deck to slay hordes of enemies

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(294 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action, Card Game
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Deck Building, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

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Chose this as my 6th favourite Game of 2023. (Others I list in this Blog Post)

Kind of also because of how much I love your general gamestyle and how you always make stuff as high Quality as this one. Got a lot out of your Games in the past Year.

I wanted to give a little itch donation as a thanks, but I can't find any downloadable Game where I can give some money. Any other way I could give you some Money? If not I'll keep it noted down for when you make a Game where I can give a few Bucks.

Game is very good but freeze is too op so maybe add a 10% or 5% chance of spawning enemy which cant be frozen

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bouncing bullets pierce

bouncing card , refill energy , shoot 4 bullets x times , refill energy 

get this order then spam one costs + zero costs

never die


freeze ftw. "all cards cost 1" is a trap. pick every 0-cost card.

Absolutely right


wait. theres a all cost 0?


love how i can just stop enemies from spawning

really nice it's simple 

Awesome game! Long live godot


Could you please add number keys or the ability to change your keybinds?

Thank you for reading this.

Very original and satisfying, hard but without being fussy


It's a really cool game! I just wish cards that are replaced once you use it are replace under the same place instead of moving all the cards and the new one being at R.
Also showing which level I'm on level up would be amazing.

I really enjoyed the game it's fun exploring combos.


amazing game! just spend 2 hours grinding

amazing game nicely made


Love your game. I like it so much.

Can u add some more gamemodes like a boss or more hardcore?


It would be nice if the new card replaced the one you used. I think that would make it easier to not accidentally use the wrong card.


I am dio. None can FUCKING MOOVE



i literally posted about this like 4 months ago, this proves my point

The title sounded fun, also that it's non-download in type, cards are nice to compete with, generally match3-games too.

That basilisk-browser I'm using, usually loads unity & webgames but this one just showed the error "response.body is undefined" on screen?


I've got an insane build. Good game, I love it!
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all cards cost 1 + energy refill + triple bombs = can't lose as long as you keep spamming

energy refill + all cards cost 1 + bullets are # played = afk for 3/4 of round 49

Game kept playing after I died. I was spam clicking the retry button on the game over screen, which might have had something to do with it.


Yep, I recreated it by spam clicking retry.

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The game is fun can't wait for more updates

The Power-up that makes everything cost 1 point is op it needs to be nerfed for example:  The cost of the card will be -1, max limited that can be maxed to is 1 point


its balenced in my opinion because it also makes free cards cost one and it makes the shoot 4 bullets X times card worthless

It is quite strong, especially with triple bombs, however it basically nullifies the freeze power up, which is more powerful in my opinion.


having 4 freeze is fun


Having 5 one, can confirm it was super fun lol, the only flaw is that my finger hurt trying to use all of them


Great game, the gameplay is really novel and addicting!

My setup:
Bounce bullets will pierce perk
Double Shot + Double Shot + Energy Refill + Next will Bounce + Bullets = # played + Next will Bounce = Literally cannot lose

Once you get your card drawing order as the above after each level, just spam the button E. The idea is to quickly cycle 0-cost cards to get to the important "clear screen" combo. Note not to take the Freeze spell to maximize the speed of game progression.

My computer was lagging in the end because the entire screen was covered by the Bullets = # played card, reached level 45 before I called it a quit.


Level 30 finally. Outstanding.

lmao cheesed it with frozen time, bounce card, next shot is love and 4pircing shots, literally impossible to lose, if u have the chance try it guys haha

Nice game. The sound feels juicy


This game is fantastic, but as all of kindanice's games this one also has some winning strategies (for example, get from a keylock card "full your energy" and cycle it)

But overall, it was a lot of fun to play :)

Gamepad support?

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Great game! I made it to lv 52 O_O 9 shoots + next shoot is a bouncing one cards and the bouncing is piercing perk it鈥檚 a broken combo ;) (more with freeze cards)


how do you do the art style like that? its so clean and i love it

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It's so fun when you get a bunch of cheap cards, a bunch of costless freeze/doublebullet cards, and energy refill so you can spam cards nonstop instantly. It's OP. 

2 or more freeze cards and you basically have infinite energy to spam cards.  Don't get the "every card costs 1" ability, it makes freeze/energyrefill weaker

Love bomb,  energy refill, freeze, are all AMAZING cards.


Love your projects, short scopes and great game design !

Everything costs 1 + 1 cost shoots twice + 1 cost shoots twice

Great game. Obviously it麓s short but it麓s playable and fun so yippie!


this game is delightful!

just allround good :>

fun game! love bombs are very balanced :)

would love to see more content, but great game

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