hire bodyguards to survive a zombie horde.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Beat 'em up, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Short, Singleplayer, Zombies
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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All your games need mods

Which engine did you use for this game? Is this game possible to modify to add more guards?

pls add bosses and a rogulike mechanic


Nice concept

It's a bit hard tho...


Very cool, reminds me of brotato

I managed to reach round ten after 4-5 hours of cumulated play. After that it was quite easy with the six bodyguards and I went up to round 21 in one go!
Thanks for the game!

damn another good one! I echo what folks below say, it's too hard and probly needs a bit more variety/synergy but damn it's super fun and great concept

awesome game!
Its crazy hard after the first 7 rounds but its still a fun game to play, my pb is round 9 and im sure i can't reach anything higher than that, but i think the game would better if u added more weapons

Good start. Would really be great if at a bare minimum you could freeze some guys. It's hard to synergize right now.

reached round 8! it gets super addictive

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I played this game a while (10 ish run), best I could do is 9 round. I wish there was a invincibility frame window after getting hit. Also I don't know how you can avoid being overrun by zombies after a few rounds, there's no path out of a crowd and the bodyguards don't really create one. Cool concept otherwise! Thanks for the game.

Can you do a tutorial on ytb to create this type of game please


A lot of depth for such simple mechanics. Great job

Omg peashot pa


hopefully you can make this downloadable in the future

what did you use to make this game?

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If you speak about the game engine, he use godot engine


The game is fun, the artwork is really neatly well done. Same with the code, here's some suggestions i think that would be good.

- A mode where YOU have to be the bodyguard

- Customize your OWN bodyguard

- Player Market where you can purchase bodyguards that other players have made.

A multiplayer mode and youre friends are the bodyguard or the player

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Honestly, all these ideas are great and I think that would make this game better.




Yee I like it!

this was the first game i played on itch and wow its amzing! Great work on the game!

Me too. Lol

Creepy, me as well.

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i suggest you make the chef  cook food every three rounds and use a pan with a carrot on it   for a wepon ( the food would do plus 2 damage and run out after one round

super fun game! im impressed by the amount of strategy involved in a relatively short experience, and the gameplay is interesting enough to keep you on your toes even as you get better! 

my only suggestion would be to keep the difficulty increasing as it does stagnate after the 6th slot unlock, however the game is already pretty enjoyable as it is, so please dont take that as a complaint! c:

awesome game, super cool art and simple but fun

Very unique and enjoyable concept👍

This rock

can you make it to where you can have duplicate people

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i got to round 20 

Here is a tip to go further. You should fire some of your old bodyguards and replace them with more expensive ones with at least 2 bonuses. This means that you can get more bonuses while the individual units deal more damage unlike the caveman which only does like 3 base damage.

 folowed your advice and survived till round 28


how does the round start


I got to round 28 with only no pro bonus (somehow legit), and I do have one complaint. After round like 20 when you get the sixth party member, the game feels like it is just a sit still and wait till you die since I don't think you unlock new character slots again, would it be possible to add more party members to use in later rounds?

Maybe like you can spend money to gild a party member to do slightly better or just more party slots.

Agreed about sixth party member and hanging tight. At level 15 or so it seems like I have so much cash and nothing to spend it on. 

Upgrading party members could be cool, or introducing rarer body guards with 3 traits, or maybe a special ability I can activate to give me something to do other than incrementally move toward my fencing pro as he cuts a path through the zombies...

In any case -- fun game. Enjoyed lots.

20 >:)


If i could have a dream team of 6 bodyguards it would just be 3 assassins and 3 boxers

But if it had to be a possible combo it would be Assassin, Bouncer, Skater, Blacksmith, Bodybuilder, and Boxer


Great game! Just got 2 recommendations, 1 make it so the more expensive it is, the you get more money back when you fire them, and 2 I-frames. Games like these typically depend on I-frames to make it feel its best

great game made it to round 21 with boxer, card dude, skateboarder, ninja, strong arm man, and anvil




As a mobile game, this would be really cool.

finance survivors


no invis frame = get stuck in corner and die




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