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this game is sick but I wish I could pause to take a sippy of my coffee

This is the Dark Souls of Arcade Shoot ’em up games.

This game is easy if you get the saw off, quiver and ammo grip 

And here there is an end in general, I'm already tired of playing, I died on purpose huh. Please tell me, answer.

just saying, this could make a hell of a mobile game

my build was ammo grip, quiver and charger

ummmmmm. i just made it 24335 m into the desert. did i beat the game???? i only stopped because i was tired. i was max health.

fun game cool wepons nice graphics and i can roll

spent about an hour and got 4449m out, definitely addicting and the only reason its that far is because i had to stop. Really fun, very jawesome

i hated the slow start but
ammo grip, quiver, charge barrel made be go forever

charge barrel, minimag, and ammo grip can prob go foreveer

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spam space, you go flying. also, love the game bruh

Gameplay video of your game.


I absolutely love this game, the music is catchy, and the sound effects are perfect, you can really feel the weight of the ammunition! It's also helpful in the sense of knowing if you have a hard hitting gun or not >:D 

I also love the variety of the weapons, theres a lot to experiment with which really adds to the replayability, overall the game is awesome. 

The only constructive criticism I have is the visibility of the HUD, with how fast paced the game is, it can be hard to check on health & ammunition, this would probably be hugely helped by making the ammo number bigger/bolder, and the pink of the health bar more of a visible straight line. (The zig-zags are cool but it's hard to see out of the corner of my eye rip, maybe an additional solid straight line through the middle to preserve the design?)

All that aside though, I really really enjoyed this, you outdid yourself with this one  :D 

Please add a windows download?



Dude i just got my entire school playing your game somehow

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My high score.

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Challenge winning material right here. Honestly, this has to be your best game so far.
Graphics are stylish, soundtrack and sfx quickly hook you up in the game, and all of that; but the most key thing here, that you also managed to do in your other games, but not as much as on this gem here, is the replayability aspect of a roguelike. It's amazing. The game could certainly use some things, like a simple starting menu, pause button, and some other minor things, but the entire concept is pretty good.
This could easily be fleshed out into a larger thing; still roguelike, but maybe every time you enter a specific area for a shop, dust advancing and enemy movement freezes. Or have some kind of encyclopedia of every weapon part and which enemies drop it. Of course, I'll never tell you how to do your job, but I'm just saying that after the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge goes through, this could be really invested on.

Overall, amazing game. Top notch, hope you get high up there. ;)


Super cool game! I would definitely buy this on steam for $20 with more content/a better difficulty curve. I got this good run where with the charge up (normally with AK47 but sometimes other stuff) which is super op, I think I couldve gone indefinitely if I didnt get bored.


Incredible stuff.
I'm seconding the suggestion of a manual reload button, and also wanna let you know I have an issue where it buffers a bunch of inputs and then I'm stuck shooting or walking into a wall for a long time which gets me killed. Buffering inputs is good, but they need to expire after a little while and/or the queue needs to be shorter!
but yeah, big kudos!

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lesss goo


I will admit, this is a pretty neat little browser shooter. Got myself a good roll. The soundtrack isn't too bad, either. Just wished there was some variety in combat like an occasional boss to fight.

Also, my result:



This is really cool~

Really love this game.

Apart from some balancing here and there, the only think I really feel the game needs is a reload button

Here's my high score so far. Definitely playing this more lol


This is an awesome game! Good job!


Well done! <3


This game is really cool - has a lot of good game feel, very nice art. Would definitely work well as an open level stage by stage game.
My feedback is that the response on the roll is a little bit slow, the head drops down but by then the character has already moved most of the roll distance. Animation could be more instant in that case. Some added screenshake or other visual vignette effect would be helpful in giving more for letting the player know when they've taken damage.
All in all fun, would be interested in seeing how far this could go.


Some criticisms I have are as follows: some of the weapons are either so good that it trivializes the game or so weak that they kill your run. Quiver/Cursed Magic (mainly the former) are good because you can shoot them and kill things off screen. One shot and sticky are terrible because they're too slow to kill anything while you're constantly moving to the right. Money eventually becomes useless and trying new weapons will likely end the run.

Otherwise, the game is pretty well designed and straight forward. Good art, music, sound design. It's sort of like playing Nuclear Throne but it's on a diet. Overall, this is quite poggers.


this game is insane. I like pretty much everything, the music choice the art and the gameplay. Very fun to play. Gonna play more!


Cool game, I like the style. One thing I don’t like is that the wall of death is rubber banding, I get what you want to achieve with it, that it always feels like a thread that keeps you moving, but then you do not get rewarded for moving quickly because you can’t outrun the wall no matter how fast you play it will always be the same distance behind you, you can’t play fast for a bit to get a breather later on. Other then that, the graphics are cool, I like the enemies and the player character and its roll animation.