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game too good!

pls endless mode!

Or no hit challenge!


nice i won with 2 hp

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dam that was hard but with enough luck and better handling, i beat it

what i mean by enough luck is: barely going through enemies without a hit, and get a healing orb to spawn on top of you

this game is so fun

banger, no notes


damn really good 8/10


Speed, alot of speed.

Very speed, gud game


I was playing  some electronic music  in the background while playing the game,

It made it extra intense and fun.

Good game.



Great game! Simple concept but executed well!


Best quote of all:

"You win." -Game developer

Great game!!! mechanics are fun and upgrades are balenced, would love to see more from this game!

love it! drifting is fun!



Very good concept and execution!👍 Hope you make more like it.

looks very close to SNKRX

I am addicted to this game


Your character is not very visible when it takes damage so you end up taking more damage and you don't even know where the front is so you get lost and you just die.


how do you play

Good game.


This is awesome, I love how you managed to make yet another top down shooter but with inovative controls !!!


Great game! Really enjoyed it, only issue was it could be kinda hard to tell which way the player was facing. Other than that, really fun!

I am a big fan of the chaotic fast paced madness, I did have a issue where the game froze randomly for a few seconds



Dopest shit i've ever played

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Fun game. Hard to master. also the music is fire


you made that class game that was god tier

just 0:24 left.....


the fastest time I completed it was 3 min beat that  


 I can't tell if this is a joke or not


idk you tell me how fast you beat it 

i beat the game with 11 live left 


funny game but y u dont draw freaking arrow or smth on de car to understand its direction, it's annoying af

ı loved it



Nice game! The physics are hard to get used to, but once you do the game is amazing. Would really like to see opportunities for more stuff!

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died with 6 4 2 sec left


died with 1 sec left


pretty sick bro

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good game


no spoilers!!

aaaaa! my bad!

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