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Great game! Just noticed though, that this is not on your main page, just in case you didn't know. :)

I noticed that too. Strange.


This was A LOT of fun. These types of puzzlers are the ones that I love to see how fast I can go.

The only issue I had was with the "mimic the last card" and the "cure the top item" - When I mimic the "cure the top item" and there is only 1 issue then it gets stuck. I have to refresh the cards in order to progress.

Clever idea! Like the clean look too.

Fun idea, but it seems like sometimes, dropping the patient's life to zero to cure their last symptom will kill them, while other times it saves them.  It's inconsistent, and I can't tell why it works sometimes but not others.

Thanks for the feedback! I did a quick patch which I hope should solve it. Any more dev time and I'm probably going to pass the 3 hour mark, so any more bugs might have to stay until after the jam :)

nice game


also great game

after you click something if you click again it will reuse the same card with bandage give infinite health

Haha thank you! How did I not notice that... Should be fixed now.

THis was neat!


Cool idea!