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Simple and fun, amazing

1. Put every point you can into Softball. Any time it doesn't let you, go for Lucky Charm or Gun & Duct Tape instead.

2. Stand inside of your baseball

3. Profit. I got all the way to lvl. 28 before the enemies got fast enough to kill me from within the ball.

I really enjoyed it!

Ok, that was pure fun. Love it.




So uhh you can just sit inside the ball and never die

White screen of death (Did I win yet?) 


Fun! Found your game on the front page

very fun

It's incredibly easy to cheese the game.

If you hide behind one of the balls, the pellets can no longer hit you, as long as the balls are big enough. You can use this strategy to survive and level up indefinitely with zero effort.


Very fun, gets too laggy at level 46 (yes, I played the game for that long).

Between Dire Decks, Bad Bodyguards and this, you are definitely an inspiration on how to do great simple roguelikes!

this rules

so simple yet so addicted

best itch game i've played

So this is this baseball thingy that Americans love.. huh, cool

wowowowowowowowowowowow pollished

I hate how a lot of the time it just cycles between the same 3 upgrades. (gun, softball, and firecracker)

im gonna caress the creators balls

We can always go higher

 fun game! until you try to do what i did...



Awesome :) Love the concept

A little bit of feedback: The fact that the balls and the explosions are white is very confusing. Sometimes I even confuse the explosions for the balls and I get disoriented. Idk if it's just me, but I feel like it's spoiling the fun. Otherwise, great game!


Nothing like getting to a point of having inmpenetrable wall of balls 20x the orginal size with the game lagging with the amount of pure enteties on the screen at once

super good!


vaRY fUN GAME!!!

One of my favorite mini-games!


solid game

Fun game if your bored or cant find any good ones

Very fun, nice work. Great design and pleasing style.

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With the gun, you can sit inside the ball and just let it fire like a turret

there is some strategy to it though, I usually use golf balls with the softball upgrade to make a wall, and then the main ball with the gun upgrade is a last resort if any sneak through. (got at least to wave 50 with this strategy)

Like this?

yup, just like that!

you can do it even sooner with just one softball upgrade

Great game. fun and addictive. Getting separated from the ball adds a strategy and planning.

Hit the home run!
It's been really fun, concise experience.

Thanks a lot! :D

amazing game, super simple and fun at the same time

Simple, but fascinating.

wow it` awesome!

This game is so fun, i love the genre

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